14/08/2014 12:46 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Drunk Mum Banned From School After Biting A Teacher

Drunk mum banned from school after biting a teacher

A mum who bit her child's teacher after arriving at the school drunk has been given a restraining order banning her from the school grounds.

Kelly Kociela, 32, from Bristol, tried to push her way into Filton Avenue Junior and Infant School, in Horfield, Bristol at around 6pm on October 24. She was held back by teachers because she was drunk, and bit teacher Matthew Cox's arm.

Bristol Magistrates Court heard that the drunken mum arrived at the school 'distressed and slurring' and bit Mr Cox's arm after he blocked her from going into the after-school club her children had been attending.

Kociela - who had polished off four pints of Stella and four rum and cokes - told head teacher Rachel Thomas she would 'batter her' unless she was given her children who were inside.

Mary Aquilina, prosecuting, said Kociela was 'aggressive'

"She was aggravated and aggressive saying her children had been taken from her," she said.
"The head teacher Rachel Thomas was concerned about the safety of her staff and the children at her school."

Explaining the biting incident, Mrs Aquilina added: "She tried to push past him, then bit him through his clothing on his right arm. He attended Southmead Hospital where he was given tetanus and hepatitis B jabs."

Kociela was arrested and taken to Southmead police station in Bristol. She told police she could not remember being at the school, that she normally got on with Ms Thomas and could not remember biting Mr Cox.

Liz Highams, defending, said Kociela rang the school after the incident to apologise for her behaviour.

The court was also told that Kociela had previous convictions for being drunk in charge of a child in 2005, 2006 and 2007.

She pleaded guilty to causing a nuisance on school premises, assault and using threatening words and behaviour, and given a two-year community order.

She was also told to pay £100 compensation to Mr Cox, £85 costs and a £60 victim surcharge.

Kociela may only go into the school if invited, but can collect her children from the school gates.