Eat All Your Easter Eggs At Once - And Save Your Teeth!

Children eating chocolate Easter Eggs, UK
Children eating chocolate Easter Eggs, UK

However many Easter eggs you get this year, you have the green light to sit and scoff the lot in one sitting, thanks to a new dental hygiene study.

Now there's research we can get on board with – none of this guilt-inducing studies tested on nine mice rubbish. According to the new research by oral hygiene company TePe, spacing out chocolate eating is more harmful to our teeth than sitting down and getting through the lot in one go.

This is because it takes around two hours for teeth to recover from the effects of acid produced when we eat sugar. So grab your eggs and get eating!

However, the authors behind the study are keen to stress the importance of not going bonkers with chocolate.

"We don't advocate going completely overboard," they added.

Surely that doesn't apply at Easter, right?

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