14/08/2014 12:33 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Eight Things You Miss About Your Nokia 3210

If you're honest with yourself you kind of hate your iPhone smart phone. You despise how Candy Crush has taken over your life.

You can't actually deal with the fact you actually say lol OUT LOUD these days. AND when your touch screen decides to stop responding and apps randomly quit mid mega-point-winning Words With Friends move you find yourself longing for a simpler time. You miss your Nokia 3210 because...

1. The covers were SICK
What better way to stand out from the crowd than with a kickass phone cover which spoke volumes about you as a person? If you were really cool you'd mix 'n' match the back and front with your pals (to prove you had friends, like). If you had the same cover all over you were, well, a loser.

nokia 3210 covers

2. You could compose your own ringtones
If you wanted Nelly and Kelly's Dilemma you didn't have to gosh darn pay for it like a fool. You could compose your own by logging into dial up (checking mum wasn't on the landline first, of course) and find out the key presses to compose it yourself. Rad!

compose your own ringtones on a nokia 3210

3. The buttons
Not only could you get loads of different colours, if you wanted something to chew on and didn't have any gum you there was no need to worry because you could just pop your Nokia keypad out and munch on it for a while.

nokia 3210 buttons

4. Text speak
Ur nt sure y bt 4 sum rsn txt tlk jst isnt kl on ur smrt phne. Bck in t day u had 2 keep wivin ur character count so txt speak was imprtnt- it ws lyk early twitter.

text speak on a nokia 3210

5. Snake
The best game ever. No modern day version will EVER live up to the Nokia 3210 orignal. You still remember your best score.
snake on a nokia 3210

6. This mobile network
One2One was the cool kids network. You rue the day when they became T Mobile. This phone service provider was so darn hip that even So Solid Crew rapped about it. T-t-t.

7. Personalised screen savers
You knew you were on the front line of the technological revolution when you figured out how to get MOVING screen savers on your 3210. The flying heart was obv your fave, but you were also a fan of the flashing star and the butterfly.

nokia 3210 screen saver

8. This music to your ears
A ringtone that you could do the robot to? This had your name ALL over it...