14/08/2014 16:54 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Emma Bunton: Now I'm A Mum I Can't Listen To Mama Without Crying!

"I am a mum. I feel the same pressure as every parent out there," mum of two Emma Bunton tells Parentdish. "I'm career driven but when I'm home I straight into mum mode, which is everything to me. I just don't want to miss anything!"

As Baby Spice in The Spice Girls, now Emma is a mum of two little boys, Beau, six, and Tate, two, her children with long term partner Jade Jones. The boys - who are clearly the 37-year-old's world - are 'growing up fast' according to their proud mum. So is another baby on the cards for Baby?

"I really don't know," is Emma's on-the-fence answer.

"I have moments all the time when I think I would like a third (she's not fussy about a girl or boy), but then think maybe not. I'm always broody - but I always have been! I have always loved children so who knows."

One thing that isn't helping Emma's broody levels is the work she is doing with Pampers and UNICEF. Emma is the ambassador for this year's 'Every Parent's Dream' campaign. For every specially marked pack of Pampers bought, Pampers is donating the cost of one vaccine to help fight Maternal and Newborn Tetanus (MNT).

"Working with the babies on the shoot was so, so lovely," she smiles, going all mum-mushy.


I feel so blessed to be a mum. I think I'll always be broody - even if I have another baby to help!


So, why the work with Pampers and UNICEF?

"There really are such big changes happening thanks to the campaign - we have eliminated Tetanus in 10 different countries. It's also a realistic ask for parents to lend a helping hand, which I know is important. Buy a pack of nappies, and you can help. It's possible, and that's what makes it work.

"I'm your average mum, I get it. We juggle a lot of things and want simple, easy options. This really is one of them and I'm thrilled to be able to support it."

Emma Bunton: I can't listen to Mama without crying!

Emma's face lights up when she talks about the campaign, but she saves her biggest grins for talking about her boys.

"They really are both so warm and loving. Their kisses and cuddles are just amazing. The unconditional love I have for them is something completely different than I have ever experienced before. And they really get on with each other!


When I had my second boy, Tate, people would say 'get ready for rough and tumble with two boys', and of course there is a little bit of that, but mostly they really get on. Of course I know it might change so I'm clinging to that for now!


The boys are both adorable, with perfect blonde locks, just like their mum. They would certainly make cute page boys if Emma and long term partner Jade ever make it down the aisle.

"We've been together 13 - no, hang on, 14 years!" Emma corrects herself, showing just how refreshingly laid back the whole affair is. She waves her diamond-clad finger in the air when she tells me that she's 'engaged and everything' but there are no plans for a wedding just yet.

"We do get a lot of pressure from friends, but they mainly just want us to throw a party. Jade and I are both terrible at organising things, so we've never got round to it! But we're very happy as we are, and we have our children, which for us is the most important thing as a couple."

With family covered, we move on to Spice Chat. Has the relationship between the five girls changed with the arrival of the Mini Spices (all of the five girls are now mums)?

"Now we're parents we're even closer," says Emma. "As young women we went through so much together and now we're older and proud mums to the next generation it's just fantastic. We all have such a special bond. It's frustrating when you read silly stories about us not getting on, but what can you do? We know what we have, and no one else can understand the connection between us.


Of course we don't see each other as much as we used to, but our priorities have changed. We're parents.


And do the next generation of platforms and Union Jack frocks get on as much as their mums?

"Absolutely. I am very close to Mel C, and my son Beau and her daughter Scarlett get on really well. We are the closest location wise, but I also see Geri and Bluebell a lot too. It's lovely that a lot of the children are similar ages.

"I heard Mama the other day and I had to turn it off because I was going to cry! We wrote that song for our mums and now I play it to my children. The five of us can share the highs and lows of parenting together, which means we have something else amazing in common with each other."

Emma Bunton is supporting the Pampers UNICEF 'Every Parent's Dream' campaign. For every specially marked pack of Pampers bought, Pampers will donate the cost of one vaccine to help UNICEF in the fight against Maternal and Newborn Tetanus (MNT).
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