14/08/2014 16:37 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Emma Holmes Talks Winning The Face And Working With Naomi Campbell

At a screening of The Face final on Monday night, MyDaily met the winner of the show, 18 year-old Emma Holmes. Just before our chat began, Emma's phone rang. It was Naomi Campbell calling to congratulate her.

So - was Naomi really that scary? After her emotional phone call had finished, we got talking to Emma to find out.

You've won! What does it feel like?
It's so emotional. I hadn't seen the final before so I just watched it with my mum and saw my final shot in the Maxfactor campaign. It's an incredible feeling to know that I worked so hard and got something out of it in the end.

How did you feel watching yourself on TV?
I hate watching myself on TV! I skip through it but my friend makes me watch it with her so I hide behind a pillow. Sometimes it's good to see how other people see you though.


Naomi Campbell was your mentor. What was it like to work with her. Was she scary?
It was tough and gruelling. At the best of times, she was always there for us. She was like a mother to me - I was the youngest in the competition and I was doing my A levels while dong the show. She was always asking me how my studies were going and making sure I was revising. She's not scary to me. I met her and thought you can either be scared by her or embrace it - I had so much to learn from her, I didn't have time to be scared.

What was your favourite moment from your time on The Face?
When we won the Maserati challenge. Naomi tricked us at first and told us we didn't win - I just thought that was it, I couldn't work out what we were doing wrong. Then she said "just joking, you won." I've never been so happy in my life! It was the best rush - we had worked so hard and when you wait so long for something it's even sweeter at the end

Was walking down the catwalk in front of Naomi as nerve-wracking as it looked?
I was far more nervous about my beauty shoot. Catwalk is what I love but I had more to prove in the beauty shoot. I had to remember it was just me and the photographer. That really helped me.


There were some strong personalities in Team Naomi. Did you get on with the other models?
Myself and Racquel decided not to be friends but we definitely needed to work together and you saw that change in the show. With the other girls in the final, there was no bitchiness. There was no feeling of fierce competition because we all knew we had something unique to offer to Maxfactor. I was practising walking with Eleanor when she was struggling in her pink dress, just trying to help her out.

What are you most excited about now that you've landed a modelling contract?
I can't wait to get a New York agency - I love New York. For me that would be the best thing. I love London, but I've been working here in and out of school since I was 15 so I'd love to go to a new city.

Can you sum up your experince on the show in three words?
Scary, rewarding and exciting.

Watch below to go behind-the-scenes on Emma's Maxfactor shoot: