14/08/2014 12:44 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

F-Cup Cookies Claim To Increase Your Bust Size By Eating Biscuits

Imagine there was a biscuit that could give you bigger boobs...

Implausible? You'd think so, but that's exactly what one Japanese confectionery company claim its herbal 'F-cup Cookies" can do.


The brand says eating two of its biscuits a day will help boost your cleavage and alarmingly, they've become a big hit across Asia.

So, what exactly are these boob-enhancing tea-dunkers made from?

The cookies contain an ingredient called Pueraria Mirifica - a plant extract used to mimic the biological behaviour of the oestrogen hormone.

However - as to be expected - there is no scientific evidence whatsoever to confirm Pueraria Mirifica actually has any effect on cup size. Now there's a shocker.

Nutritionist Ian Marber told the Daily Mail: "Phytoestrogens are in numerous foods and to date there is no research to show that ingestion changes breast size."

"Even concentrated doses haven't been shown to do anything, although eating several biscuits can lead to weight gain with all that goes with it."

Eating biscuits can make you put on a few extra pounds - there's a food fact we don't need reminding. And when it comes to boobs? We're happy with what we've got, thanks.

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