Famous Celebrity Families

It's not unusual for a child to want to go into the same line of work as their mum or dad - especially when they're famous!

Despite scores of celebrities fretting about their offspring entering the tough and unforgiving glare of the public eye, children frequently follow their celebrity parents into all areas of public life, from politics to music.

But it seems that the acting bug is particularly contagious in families - from the Barrymore clan, which started out on the Victorian stage and shines on in the form of child star-turned-screen vet Drew, to the 10 Wayans siblings who have left an indelible impression on American comedy.

And although some might argue that nepotism lends a helping hand, a glimpse at the list of Academy Award winners proves there is undeniable talent behind these famous families.

For instance, three generations of Coppolas and Hustons have won an Oscar. And then there's Jon Voigt, who won in 1979, to be followed by daughter Angelina Jolie 20 years later. Fraternal pairings like the Coen Brothers, the Fiennes and Gyllenhaals are no strangers to awards glory, either.

Father and daughter Henry and Jane Fonda even found themselves up for an Oscar on the same night, thanks to their screen pairing in On Golden Pond.

We've put together a gallery of some of our favourite celebrity dynasties. Some of the starry clans are well-known for keeping it in the family, while other connections might come as a bit of a surprise - for instance, did you know that Nicholas Cage is Francis Ford Coppola's nephew?