Fantasy Premier League: Which One's Best For You?

Fantasy Premier League: Which One's Best For You?

The 2014-15 Premier League season begins on Saturday and time is running out for budding managers to select their Fantasy Football team.

So ahead of the new campaign, here are the pick of the bunch for you to choose from...

It's free, you have unlimited transfers up until kick-off but then it's one free switch a week during the season. This one will require a lot of attention over the next 10 months and you will have to pay for the app, if you want it.

Don't worry, Rupert Murdoch's lifted the paywall for the Sun's lucrative edition. There is £500,000 up for grabs if you want to part with some cash for the premium edition and it's easier to navigate online.

The pan-European television sports network's site offers a more continental flavour, enabling users to play tournaments including the Premier League, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, La Liga, Campionato Italiano. The app is also free.

An understated option, the Telegraph's version offers more than £120,000 in cash prizes and a free app with no charge to pick your team. Like the Sun, it offers a £50m budget and there are no substitutes included, which dilutes the fun somewhat.


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