Father's Day: #RealDadMoments Video Celebrates What Makes Dads Special

Just in time for Father's Day, this beautiful video showcases the importance of dads by capturing snapshots of all the special moments they share with their children - from infancy to adulthood, in times of joy and times of tragedy.

Just a tip: you might want to get your hanky out...

But there is more to the video - part of an ad campaign for Dove - than simply celebrating the bond between parent and child.

Surveys conducted in the run-up to the ad campaign show that the majority of dads don't see their own experience of fatherhood reflected in the media.

Whereas popular culture was once dominated by 'father knows best' images of wise, authoritative patriarchs, more recent portrayals of fathers often show them as bumbling and incompetent.

This stereotyping can be seen everywhere, from popular comedies (Homer Simpson being a notable example) to adverts which show men struggling to perform basic domestic tasks like cleaning or childcare without help from a miracle product.

"Dads today are caring for their children's emotional well-being and taking responsibility for their daily needs," Dove said in an accompanying press release. "Yet despite these facts, the media does not portray that nurturing side of fatherhood.

The #RealDadMoments video is intended to help counteract the stereotyped portrayals of parents we often receive in popular culture, by showcasing the diversity of the fatherhood experience.

From pushing a swing, to reassuring a scared toddler and comforting a crying teen, this video celebrates every aspect of being a dad, including the ones we don't often get to see.

It's refreshing, touching and very cute - and by the time you get to the end you'll probably want to give your dad a ring right now.