Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot! Keeping Cool During Pregnancy

We're all doing that very British thing, aren't we? After months and months of complaining about the shoddy weather we had during the spring, we're now saying: "If anything, it's a bit TOO hot really, isn't it?"

The thing is though, when pregnant, you can feel like you have an internal central heating system which is constantly switched to 'maximum' anyway.

With more soaring temperatures predicted over the coming weeks, try these tips to keep your cool...

• It might have more fabric, but a loose fitting cotton shirt will keep you cooler and more comfortable than a clingy, strapless top. Wear only natural fibres.

• If you're still at work, ask if you could start and finish a little earlier. It will mean you can travel when it's cooler in the morning – and avoid the heat-generating crowds/traffic on your way back. • If you're at home, get any chores done first thing in the morning if you can, and stay indoors during the day time.

• The biggest worry in these high temperatures is the risk of dehydration. Keep a bottle of water with you all the time, and keep sipping away. You shouldn't cut out salt completely, but avoid very salty foods, as well as caffeinated drinks.

• Keep an eye on water retention, which is more likely to occur in high temperatures. Take the weight off for at least 30 minutes, a couple of times a day. Elevate your feet slightly and... relax! The heat might also make your hands and feet swell. Remove your rings, and buy a pair of flip flops a size larger than normal.

• Keep your curtains closed – glass is a terrific conductor of heat, so if you have 30 degree sunshine pouring into your house all day, it might be unbearable come the evening.

• Shut the windows and doors – unless there is a welcome breeze billowing fresh air through your house, it'd better to keep the house closed up and the hot air out. If you're prone to hay fever, you should definitely keep the windows shut, and instead invest in some electric fans for airy relief.

• When you feel you're overheating, cooling down your pulse points can work a treat. Keep a flannel in the fridge to wipe your neck, or run ice cubes around your wrists. Sometimes, just getting your feet wet can reduce your core temperature immensely – paddling pool anyone?

• A cooling face mist can be a godsend. You don't have to spend loads of money on one – just buy a few mini spritzing bottles and fill them with water from the tap. Keep them around the house and in your handbag – but don't forget to wear waterproof mascara!

• When possible, take a tepid shower (cold water will be too much of a shock!). It's the perfect way to cool off before bedtime.

• Ditching the duvet, and sleeping with just a cotton sheet, is an obvious way to feel more comfortable at night. But if it's not enough, pop your pillow in a plastic bag and stick it in the freezer for a couple of hours before bed – sooo refreshing.

• Some pregnant women suffer with hot feet at night time. See if it helps to wrap them in a damp towel. A dry towel underneath will stop the mattress becoming sodden.

• Eat lots of light meals – a belly full of a large, hot dinner could send you into melt down. Forget the oven, eat cool and refreshing pasta and rice salads instead.

• Even if you don't have children yet, don't feel bad about buying an ice lolly kit. Make your own ice pops using fruit juices and pureéd berries. Keep the freezer full of 'em.

• Do as little as possible – you know the saying 'don't put off until tomorrow what can be done today'? That saying no longer applies to you. Does it have to be done right now? Can someone else do it instead? Basically, if you can sit still and stay out of the heat, then do.