14/08/2014 12:45 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Festival Fashion From Kate Moss: 15 Times She Looked Incredible

If anyone knows about dressing for festivals, it's Kate Moss. The supermodel has been showing off her style (and her legs) in muddy fields ever since we can remember.

From the days when she partied at Glastonbury with Pete Doherty on her arm, to the years of hot pants and heels, Kate has pulled off multiple inspiring looks.

Remember when pink tunic dresses, low-slung belts and fringed boots were Kate's thing at Glastonbury back in 2003? 11 years later, this outfit is still the epitome of effortless Glasto style.


Red-heeled boots, fur waistcoats and Hunters are just a few of style staples worn by Kate over the years but despite her ever-changing looks (we'd love to know how her packing secrets), we've picked up a few style tips from the star along the way:

1. Always take sunglasses. You won't have to squint when your favourite act performs and a pair of aviators will come in handy with a hangover.

2. Denim cut-offs are a must. Blue ones, grey ones, black ones, Kate's done championed the style for years. Shorts are comfy, they go with anything and most importantly, they'll look great with a pair of muddy wellies.

3. Dry shampoo is your best friend. Even in festival season, Kate's hair looks immaculate every single time.

4. Accessorise. Belts, bangles, scarves - wear them all. If you can't embrace boho style at a festival, when can you?

Heading to a festival this summer? Take note from the queen of fashion...