14/08/2014 16:45 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Festival Nails: Four Designs To Try

While crazy nail art might not always be appropriate for the office, festival season is the perfect time to ditch your French manicure and opt for something far more adventurous. If that doesn't warrant a big "yay" we don't know does.

Now, let's get real. You probably haven't left yourself enough time to squeeze in a visit to your local nail technician considering you haven't even started packing yet. If only you could remember what you did with your fuchsia kimono, the one with the sequin trim and tassels...

Luckily for you we're searched high and low for easy-to-achieve nail designs because try as we might, some of us are terrible with a nail pen.

1. Terrific tribal. First up Revlon has offered us some epic nail-spiration. Whether it's Glasto, Outlook, V, Besitval or even Lovebox, festivals are all about the tribal thing. When in Rome...

All you need to complete this design are four of your favourite - and preferably freshest - nail polishes and a little bit of concentration. We'd advise you copy this design freehand, but you can always resort to a few strips of medical tape if that ol' steady hand is failing you.

2. Fancy florals. Without coming over all hippy dippy on you, music festivals are all about peace, love and, er, cider! While sit-ins and flower power are a thing of the past there's no reason you can't rock a few petals on your finger tips... You'll probably be wearing them in your hair anyway.

This design from US-based nail artist Madeline Poole is one of our favourites. It's super simple and can be jazzed up or toned down as much as you like. Go wild with a different base colour on each nail or keep things simple with clear polish or a pale pink shade.

A slightly more arty take on floral nail art courtesy of Butter London's global colour ambassador Katy Jane Hughes serves as further inspo if flowers are really your thing. We're quite literally obsessing over this simple yet striking look.

3. Tropical treat. We couldn't believe how easy this nail art was to achieve with just a toothpick and a bit of patience. While you may just be off to the sandy shores of Essex rather than LA, there's no reason you can't whack a few palm trees on your nails.

Find out exactly how to create this look here.

4. Marvellous melon. Watermelon tastes good and looks pretty, therefore it certainly deserves a spot on each and every one of your fingertips right? Right! Nothing says summer quite like this sweet treat and although it looks super complicated to achieve we promise you it's not.

And, if you find yourself struggling you can get away with just painting your ring, middle or index finger.

Not enough to get you started? Then check out the gallery below for more inspiration...