14/08/2014 12:57 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

First-Time Mum Delivers Baby Alone In Blizzard


A first-time mum was forced to deliver her own baby at home after a blizzard prevented midwives getting to her on time.

Mariah Grove's baby was due on January 21, but she went into labour on Monday morning.

The night before, her home city Indianapolis had experienced its heaviest snow storm of the winter.

With her husband Sam away, Mariah called the midwives and her mother, but no one could get to her because of the blizzard that dumped eight inches of snow.

She was all alone when her waters broke at around 2am. But instead of panicking, she proceeded with her home-birthing plan on her own, turning her bedroom into a makeshift delivery room.

Luckily for the mother and child, there were no complications with the solo birth and 'blizzard miracle' baby Evangeline Beatrix arrived in the world weighing 7.5lbs.

Mariah told local news: "Once the water broke and I realised this was it, all fear went away. I realised it wasn't going to help me and that we would be a team and do this together. And we did it."

Little Evangeline and her mother are said to be doing well.