14/08/2014 16:40 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Fit Britches Pants: Weight Loss Knickers Can Help You Drop Three Dress Sizes, Apparently

Introducing mother-of-four, Farnaz Khan, the woman who created Fit Britches weight loss pants after struggling to shed the pounds after childbirth.

Farnaz - who found exercising had little to no impact on her weight - dropped three dress sizes after developing a range of heat-emitting "skinny knickers".

fit britches weight loss pants

The 34-year-old went from a size 14 to a tiny size eight when she discovered a link between heat and weight loss.

She began by wrapping herself in clingfilm, but after a red-faced moment at a friends wedding she decided wearing kitchen equipment under her clothes wasn't for her and if she wanted a practical solution to her problem she'd have to make it herself.

"I felt awful about my body and tried everything, dieting, exercise, everything. I even used to lock myself in the bathroom and wrap myself up in the clingfilm to try and shift the weight," she told The Scottish Daily Star.

"I think my husband thought I was crazy. I wore the clingfilm under my dress to a wedding but my mum asked me what the strange noise was," she said. "I didn't realise it was so obvious and loud - it was very embarrassing."

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You can get your hands on a pair of weight loss pants for £34.99 here.

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