14/08/2014 16:42 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Five Things Everyone Thinks After Bank Holidays

Feeling a little fragile today? Like you definitely shouldn't be in the office? The first day back after a bank holiday weekend is a killer and because of this, we all have at least one of these five thoughts...

bank holiday

1. I need a holiday. That extra time off has confirmed what you already knew: you're tired. Knackered. And in need of a beach. Not to mention cocktails. The only thing for it is a good 10 days of doing nothing but hanging out somewhere warm with agreeable company and amazing food. We always find Mr & Mrs Smith particularly inspiring...

2. I need to stop drinking. The headache, the nausea, the certainty you got off with someone you definitely shouldn't have. Gawd, bank holiday hangovers are the worst. For some reason, spending the weekend in a slightly chilly beer garden wearing a maxi dress makes us decide to do all kinds of crazy things. Like drink sangria. And chain smoke. And flirt with men wearing deep-v t-shirts. Don't worry if this sounds familiar - EVERYONE is an extreme version of their drinking self on bank holidays. If you have decided to take a break from the old vino though, you might to read this - 10 Things I Learned From A Month Of Sobriety.

3. I need to be healthier. Generally, I spend the Tuesday after a long weekend Googling things like "how to cook quinoa", "green juice recipe" and "what's a chia seed?" Takeaways, long lunches and increased chip consumption will do that to a person. What is it about bank holiday weekends that just makes it okay to forget everything you know about nutrition? It's a mystery, but if you're thinking of going on a health kick after three days of eating chocolate from breakfast, these 10 Instagram accounts are amazing healthy eating inspiration.

4. I need to stop spending money. Fact: bank holidays are expensive. From train tickets to your parents, to prosecco the moment you leave the office, to taxis, lunches, bar bills... The potential to overspend is endless and we've all emerged from a bank holiday sheepishly having to commit to zero socialising for the rest of the month. Well, it's not like staying in all weekend counting your money would have been fun anyway.

5. I need to sleep more. If there's one thing a bank holiday will teach you it's that you'd really benefit from a good kip. Like, tonight. Thinking of going straight from the office to your bed this evening? These six tips will help you get the best possible shut-eye - tomorrow is going to be SO much better.

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