14/08/2014 16:36 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Five Things That Happen When You Move In With Your Boyfriend

Moving in together is exciting, no? You practically live at each other's places anyway, so might as well share a lease, bills and all the admin that comes with things getting serious.

While it's super romantic and fun, there are some things that might take you by surprise when you co-habit. Here's five points to be prepared for...

1. Your wardrobe might not be as good as you think. Been living with a group of girls? Chances are you've been dipping in to at least two friends' wardrobes. But guess what? That's over now, leaving you with your own motley crew of pieces you bought to go with your flatmates' YSL shoes/Preen dress/anything you could lay your hands on. The good news is you're now completely within your rights to go shopping and go big.

2. Things slow down socially. Really slow down. You and him have been painting the town red. Drinking like it's going out of fashion! Staying out til all hours! Being more fun than anyone else has ever even attempted! Hurrah! That stops a bit now. You have a mutual couch which you'll sit on and watch Netflix and eat home cooked hearty meals until one own you freaks and demands a fun night out. Then you'll go back to sitting on the couch.

3. Your diet may totally change. Let's go back to that hearty meals details in point two. Got a strict no carbs rule? Or maybe you're on the Dukan? Not any more, friend. Before I moved in with my boyfriend, I substituted meat with chickpeas and was obsessed with avocados. I'd only ever had steak three times and had been on a diet since I was 12. Now I'm into lasagne and eat cake without a second thought because if start the whole "I probably shouldn't..." thing, he says I look brilliant and it's stupid to be on diets anyway. This reasoning has made life way better.

4. You've got a whole bathroom to yourself. So, you've probably been sharing a loo with friends since you left home. The cluttered surfaces. The disappearance of your favourite products. Argh, it's unbearable. Well, that's over. Where you're going, all things bathroom related belong to you. Have a two hour bath. Do your eyebrows at leisure. Bliss.

5. You'll have to make snap decisions by yourself. The hardest of all the changes is not having a trusted girlfriend who really knows about, like, stuff, to yell to, "do I look cool in plum lipstick?" Or "are cowboy boots definitely not a thing anymore?" You're going to make those calls yourself from now on. It'll be fine though, promise.