14/08/2014 12:35 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Five Things We Miss About Teen Magazines

Sometimes we really can't be bothered to read about the latest diet, or discover six at-home workouts that'll lead to killer abs. We're not too bothered about torso of the week, and quite frankly, that designer handbag really isn't this season's MUST HAVE.

Remember those early teenage years? A simpler time when you only worried about which member of N'Snyc would make the best hypothetical husband and which flavour glittery lipgloss you should spend your pocket money on... Where did they go? *Sobs*.

Five Things We Miss About Tween Magazines

We totally miss...

1. Posters of animals
Who needs a centre fold spread of Gucci's latest eyewear when you could have posters of micro pigs, bunny rabbits and labrador puppies? Remember the days (although they may be long gone) when you'd take a good 10 minutes before bedtime to kiss goodnight the myriad of animal posters tacked to the bedroom wall. Those were simpler - if, in retrospect, weirder - times.

Five Things We Miss About Tween Magazines

2. Free sweets
There was a time when you didn't have to spend that well-earned pocket money down the corner shop and that was when there were freebie sweeties with your have mag! Plus, mum wouldn't never allow chewing gum (it always seemed to get it stuck in wayward ponytails or down the back of the sofa) but when it was a freebie she didn't have a leg to stand on. Just call us Violet Beauregarde.


3. Unjaded dating advice
Everything was a lot easier when you hadn't been "hurt before". When boys were new and exciting and holding hands meant he really liked you. It was all so simple and the main rules were a) don't do IT til you're ready and b) don't get pregnant. Also, there were wise words about kissing when wearing braces. So useful!


4. Word searches and/or crosswords
Bored of reading? Why not enjoy a puzzle for a bit before you commit to finishing the magazine? Crosswords and word searches made you feel clever and triumphant.

Five Things We Miss About Tween Magazines

5. Free stickers
Free stickers were ALMOST as good as the free sweets. They were the perfect accessory to make those Care Bears lunch boxes even prettier, great as temporary tattoos and they also worked as collectables. Fortunately you can still buy stickers and Paperchase and relive those happy moments.

Five Things We Miss About Tween Magazines