14/08/2014 12:39 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Five Ways To Not Lose Your Mind Over An Unexpected Pregnancy

You tell yourself motherhood is a couple of years down the line and then, surprise! You find out you're pregnant. This was not part of your plan yet.

A unplanned pregnancy can be quite scary and having recently discovered I'm pregnant, I can definitely empathise. If you're in the same position and have decided to go ahead with it, here's five pointers to help you handle the initial shock that you're going to have an actual baby in about nine-ish months...

Positive pregnancy test

1. Give yourself time. Tell people before you've accepted it yourself, and you'll be the rabbit-in-headlights trying to feign a smile while your aunt asks when you'll have the second one. And yes, that question is coming your way.

2. Remember it's a surprise for your partner too. Confession: I didn't speak to my husband for two days after that positive pregnancy test. Upon showing him the evidence I was indeed, with child, he scrutinised the piece of peed-on plastic and announced, wild-eyed: "Ah-ha! You're not pregnant! It says there should be two purple lines and that one's pink!" Annoying, yes. But in retrospect, I wish I hadn't had a 48-hour sulk.

3. Don't immediately read everything you can find on Google about being a parent. Literally the scariest thing in the world. Some people prefix "it's the best thing I've ever done" with a whole list of reasons why their child's a monster and they're miserable. You don't need this right now. Instead, get into those hipster, Instagram-filtered mummy blogs. I find Love Taza joyfully unrealistic. She makes parenting look brilliant! She's wearing lipstick! Everyone's having a great time! From what I've been told, you'll get all the reality you need in approximately nine months time.

4. It's okay if you're not instantly thrilled. I've come to the conclusion when a pregnancy isn't planned, you immediately think about all the reasons why you're not prepared for a baby. Childcare costs loads. Maternity clothes are scary. Your body is about to change a lot. But I can promise the super, super happy moment will come and when it does you'll feel genuinely over the moon.

5. Tell your best friend. Everyone says you're not suppose to share the news until your 12 week scan, but for a shock like this you need your bestie by your side to say things like "you're already glowing!" and "I actually think wine is over-rated anyway".