14/08/2014 12:38 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Food Trends 2014: Five Things You'll Be Eating This Year

While the tail end of 2013 was all about sugar, sugar and more sugar it's certainly not the case for 2014. Yes, it makes us a little sad but we're still keen to explore new adventures in savoury.

This year you can expect to be joining the likes of Jessica Biel and Gwyneth Paltrow in the #IQuitSugar brigade and chowing down on chai, cauliflower rice and bison (yes, really!) snack bars.

1. Savoury yoghurts
Carrot, tomato, parsnip and beetroot yoghurts are already a big thing in New York and it can't be long until this food fad makes it way across the pond. We've got to admit the idea of a tomato flavoured yog makes us feel a little queasy, but we've no niggles about spooning a blob of Greek yoghurt into a chilli con carne. When you apply logic it makes total sense. Count us in.

savoury yoghurts

2. Protein
2014 is the year to eat "just like our ancestors", which is good news for Paleo advocates. Cue the dawn of the EPIC bar. EPIC bars launched last year when cave man-style eating became a thing. The animal-based protein snacks (turkey, bison, beef) are said to be ridiculously nutritious and perfect for those who love their meat all manly-like and in snack bar form.

protein-filled EPIC bars

3. Cauliflower
It seems people are still terrified of carbohydrates this year, and that's where cauliflower comes in. Apparently you can make rice out of the stuff and it actually tastes good. Christine Couvelier, executive chef and global culinary trendologist (apparently that's an actual job) is convinced cauli is the new kale! Apparently, that's quite a big claim.


4. Chia Pods
Chia is an ancient grain that's a firm fave with vegans and raw foodists. It's famed for keeping you full and lo and behold it's now an uber trendy snack food. A rare sweet treat on the 2014 food horizon, you could well find yourself tucking into a coconut milk and banana infused Chai Pod.

chai pods

5. Ramen
Warming noodles soups are enjoying a spot on this year's menus with even Harrods focusing on a taste of the Orient. "Savoury is big for us this year," said a rep from the department store. "Much of the ranges over the next few months are hot items and savoury foods using seasonal produce. Hot noodles like ramen are big - but in smaller portions."

hot ramen