14/08/2014 12:40 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Forever|NOT: The App That Lets You Bet On How Long Your Friends' Relationships Will Last

Introducing Forever|NOT, the app that lets you bet on the relationship status of your friends.

As soon as a friend gets into a serious relationship, you'll probably be pretty pleased for him/her... But then again you might be a small part of you that thinks, "How long will it last? I wish there was a way I could put a bet on it."

Well the Forever|NOT social gaming app is cashing in on the latter, without giving users any cash in return for them for successfully predicting a couple's future.

forever not facebook app

"It's your chance to anonymously give feedback to those couples that you support or dislike," say Forever|NOT. But that's not all.

As a couple, you can also discover what your friends REALLY think of your relationship "through the real time F|N Score". Yipee!

Grant the app access to your Facebook information and it will find your coupled-up friends, analyse their interactions and give them a score. If you reckon the pair are destined for the boyfriend/girlfriend graveyard swipe right, if they're two steps away from the alter, swipe left.

If you're the couple worried about how your so-called friends are scoring you, the Forever|NOT website offers some advice for increasing your relationship score and ensuring a left swipe:

1. Don't fight in public!
2. Tell your friends all the great things your significant other does for you (if they don't, fake it!)
3. Send flowers to your girlfriend at work or school so everyone else sees
4. Message your friends that you support their relationship and invite them to bet on yours
5. PDA is GOOD

Got it? Now you can carry on living your life, free from this ridiculous app.

Source: The Cut

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