14/08/2014 16:54 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Four Dead In Family Feud Horror: Woman Shot Her Mother - And Was Then Killed By Her Dad

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A long-running family feud erupted in violence when a woman and her husband broke into her parents' home and killed her mother and brother - before the two were shot dead by the woman's own father.

The horror that left four dead and only one survivor in the house in rural Ashville, Pennsylvania, may have been sparked over lingering resentment over inheritance.

Josephine Ruckinger 'hated' her family and plotted with her husband Jeffrey Ruckinger to murder all of them in their house on Friday night.

Mrs Ruckinger rang the doorbell at her family home and shot her mother Roberta Frew, 64, with a sawn-off shotgun, according to authorities.

John Frew Jr. tried to grab a gun, but Mr Ruckinger shot him multiple times in the chest.

Mrs Ruckinger's father, John Frew Sr. retrieved a revolver and opened fire, not realising that the attacker was his own daughter.

He shot Mrs Ruckinger in the head in the living room and then killed her husband Mr Ruckinger. John Sr was the only survivor. He was not injured.

Roberta Frew's sister, Virginia Cruse, said the daughter and mother did not get along and the daughter had 'a hatred toward the family' after being disowned when she was 20.

Roberta's other sister Carol Skinner said Josephine's feud with her family has been running for decades.