14/08/2014 12:41 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Four Signs You're More Than Just Drinking Buddies

Every girl's been in this situation - when they have a male friend who makes them laugh more than anyone else, is the most fun on nights out and is pretty easy on the eye too. You email nearly every day, get excited about nights at the pub together, and yet are not a couple.

"We're just like, drinking buddies," you tell dubious friends, who've witnessed the chemistry first hand. Are you really though? Here's four signs you're more than just pals who like having a good old knees up together...

Drinking Buddies olivia wilde jake johnson

1. You get jealous when he hooks up with someone else
You're out together having the good times, but then he mentions he quite fancies that other girl at the bar. Um, that's not part of the deal, right? Right - only if you're more than drinking buddies though. If you were really just friends, you'd be egging him on to go chat her up.

2. You play fight - a lot
A soft punch here, a gentle slap there - you two are all over each other (in a super non-committal way, of course). According to experts, play fighting is a way of connecting and building sexual tension (as if you didn't know). If you're finding excuses to engage in close physical activity with a guy on such a regular basis, perhaps the friendship isn't quite as innocent as you first thought.

Drinking Buddies

3. You've fallen asleep together after a night in the pub
"But nothing actually happened!" you protest to girlfriends who raise an eyebrow. You both wanted it to though, didn't you?

4. You regularly stay up all night talking
Phone calls go on until 3am and when you're with a group of friends in the pub, you two always end up next to each other cracking so many in-jokes no-one dares interrupt. Face it babe, you're WAY more than just drinking buddies.

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