14/08/2014 12:33 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Four VALID Reasons Why Owning A House Is Overrated

This summer we were all hit by news that the average age of a first-time buyer had risen to 35. Just five years ago, you could be expected to own your very first home by 30 and in 2003 you'd be signing on the house buying line at 28.

buying a home for the first time is over rated

While it looks like we won't be picking up the keys to a gaff to call our own for the foreseeable future we've decided there's no reason to get down in the dumps about it because, if you think about it, owning a house is pretty rubbish really and renting is ace because...

1. Your life doesn't revolve around your boiler
When you own property EVERYTHING is your responsibility, including the temperamental boiler which was installed during the Jurassic period. In rented accommodation it's not your problem when the pilot light goes out/the entire boiler explodes. Have you ever googled how much one of these things actually costs? Homeowners are in a constant battle with the gas gremlins and find themselves browsing comparison websites for the best combi boilers on their lunch break. Boiler stress is a genuine thing. Who needs that?

2. Stamp duty isn't a well-used phrase in your vocabulary
If you're renting you don't have to pretend to understand what stamp duty actually means. Plus it doesn't make for thrilling dinner party small talk. Dinner party? What are we saying? If you rent you don't have dinner parties, you throw illegal raves. *Big fish, little fish, cardboard box*.

3. Bad neighbours and/or ghosts aren't the end of the world
You don't realise you've got ghosts or terrible neighbours until you live somewhere. Imagine if you sunk your life savings into a house only to move in and be faced with bastard neighbours who steal your milk/have crazy children or an earth-bound soul with unfinished business in your bathroom. Renting, on the other hand, means you can just move asap.

4. You don't have to accept you're actually an adult
While renting, you're not a proper grown up. And landlords? Essentially parents you pay for. Renting means whenever something goes wrong you can call up mummy/daddy landlord and they'll fix everything for you. Sure, they might be cross with you most of the time but they won't shout at you if you're not home for dinner or crap at tidying your room. It's much more of a two-way street when someone hasn't given birth to you/you're paying them for their trouble.