14/08/2014 12:32 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Frances Bean Cobain: Five Things To Know

Frances Bean Cobain has just turned 21 (see her first legal cocktail below), she's got nearly 130,000 Twitter followers and after a rocky relationship with Courtney Love, the mother and daughter have made peace after a long custody battle.

So, what's the daughter of the world's most famous rockstar father up to now she's 21? Model, actress, singer have all been used to describe FB, but guess what? It turns out she's way more interesting than that. Here's a few things to know about Frances Bean...


1. Frances' twitter background is a picture of Ab Fab's Patsy smoking a cigarette with a candyfloss-coloured beehive. A surprising choice, but a brilliant one.

2. When it comes to music, this girl knows her stuff (of course she does). Mazzy Star, The Kills, PJ Harvey and Massive Attack feature on her twitter feed, a lot.

3. She's not afraid to share her opinions openly. When Kendall Jenner tweeted she "wished things could be easier sometimes", Frances Bean replied with six more tweets, saying exactly what everyone else wanted to. Her response included this sentence: "I try to deal w/ pain in a manner that pertains to my real life not in a way where strangers throw me a pity party", followed by "To each their own though man". Amazing.

4. According to her mother, Frances Bean was offered the part of Bella in Twilight when she was just 13. Sadly, she turned it down. Probably for the best. She could have ended up with a boyfriend called R-Patz.

5. This girl can draw. Frances Bean is an artist, who goes by the name of Fiddle Tim. When she was 17, she showed her first solo art exhibition, Scumfuck, in LA. Let's hope there are more excellent exhibition names in the pipeline.

A few pics from way back when...