Free Activities For Kids This Summer

These summer holiday activities are not only fun, but they're also free.

Six weeks of long, lazy, days stretching out ahead of you free of the rigid routine of school may seem like bliss at first. But the long holiday can be expensive - especially if you're working and have to pay for childcare for some of those weeks.

It's all too easy to find those days can merge into one long glut of time spent with children lounging in front of screens on beautiful days. Either that, or you fall into the other extreme of spending a small fortune on 'a lovely day out' that has the potential to end in exhaustion, frayed tempers and an awful feeling of having been ripped off financially.

Ice creams for the family? That'll be £20 please.

Before you start contemplating get rich quick schemes, we've got some good news: the UK is actually a treasure trove of free (or practically free) activities and events for children of all ages.

We've found some of the best free events and activities to keep your children - and hopefully yourselves - entertained throughout the summer. Whatever your kids are interested in, whether it's trying a new sport or craft or adventure activities, honing skills they already have, or just hanging out with kids their own age, we hope this list will give you inspiration for local activities.

So, click through the slideshow below for our pick of the best free (or heavily subsidised) activities and events across the UK this summer.

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