14/08/2014 16:46 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Gay Rylan Clark Says He Would Like To Have A Straight Child (Because His Own Teen Years Were Unhappy)

Rylan Clark admits he would rather have a straight child

X Factor star Rylan Clark, who's now in the Celebrity Big Brother house, has spoken of his longing to have children - and how he hopes they would be straight.

In a heart-to-heart chat with fellow housemate Ryan Maloney, Rylan was heard to say 'personally, I'd rather have a straight child'.

The boys were discussing the rules for adoption in the UK, and Rylan commented that it makes him angry that only heterosexual couples are allowed to adopt.

The Mail reports that Rylan thought the 'authorities believed that a gay couple could influence a child into being homosexual'.

"In my mind, who cares," he said, before adding, "personally, I'd rather have a straight child."

He went on to tell Ryan that it was hard for him growing up, and that if he could have 'pushed a button' as a teenager, then he would have rather been straight.

"I'd be banging the f**k out of that button," he said, but concluded that he is now very happy being the person he is.

Rylan has reportedly already begged his X Factor pal Lucy Texeira from girl band 2 Shoes to have a baby for him. She told new! magazine that he had asked her but she had said 'it's not for me'. She added that she thought Rylan would go ahead and have a family a some point.

"All I know is that he really does want kids in the future," she said.

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