14/08/2014 16:34 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Get Out Of Town (Literally): Coworth Park In Ascot

Me and him decide to have an end-of-Summer/ start-of-Autumn break - a night away, just the two of us. We live in London and UK trips tend to be to Scotland (my parents) or Suffolk (his parents), so this is a big deal.

A mini-break that doesn't involve sleeping in my childhood single bed and a manic catch-up schedule. Exciting...

Get Out Of Town (Literally): Coworth Park AKA The Perfect Break

We agree the location can't be too far out of London (well, spending your whole budget on train fare instead of destination's a bit silly, no?) and land on Coworth Park in Ascot. It's got a spa, is in the countryside and for two people to get there and back from Waterloo, it's less than £50. Bingo.

And, lucky us! It's joyfully sunny when we arrive on a Sunday lunchtime. The mansion house of the hotel has all its doors open and is covered in wild flowers. It faces a sprawling meadow, twinkling with pink, yellow and blue blooms and fellow guests are already getting tucked into bottles of crisp rose on the terrace. This, I think, is my type of place.


After getting settled into our room which is insanely wonderful (it's a suite, which has two tubs you can soak in while watching a film - yep, the loo's got a TV) we take tea on the lawn and then have a wander through the meadow. Bees buzz around lush plots of lavender and the air is so fresh, I feel drunk on the good life.

So, when we arrive at the spa for a swim and steam, we're positively glowing. It's not one of those pools where you have to dodge cannon-balling children either. It's serene and fragrant - a few lengths is no chore.

That night - after a nap in the comfiest bed you've ever seen - we stroll to dinner at one of Coworth Park's restaurants, The Barn. We start with champagne, before moving onto baked Camembert, a splashy Sunday roast pork, sea bream salad and then Eton Mess.

A light red wine accompanies us and we have the best conversation we've had in months. We laugh, we smile, we say to each other, you're actually pretty great. If you could bottle the good vibe in this restaurant, you'd make millions.

A walk back to our suite under the stars seals the deal - we want to live in Coworth Park. But we can't so we promise each other we must - MUST! - come back. The next day we leave rosy-cheeked, ready to take on autumn and seriously relaxed.

Yes, it was only one day and night away from normality. But was it worth it? A week on, I'm still feeling more zen than I have in ages.

For more information on Coworth Park visit its website here. Prices vary.