14/08/2014 12:53 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Girl, 12, Hanged Herself After Row With Parents Over Untidy Bedroom

Girl, 12, hanged herself after row with parents over untidy bedroom

An everyday argument over tidiness between a daughter and her parents ended in tragedy when a 12-year-old girl hanged herself.

An inquest heard that Katie Webb had rowed with her mother about her messy bedroom and was later found unconscious.

Katie's mum Anne, 32, said she had 'argued' with Katie on the day of her death about her messy bedroom at the family home in Evesham, Worcestershire, in April this year.

The row came two days after the girl's dad, Daniel, 34, had had a similar argument. He told the hearing at Stourport Coroner's Court: "It was mine and Katie's very first spat. I put it down to hormones."

On April 24 this year, Daniel heard a loud scream from his wife who had discovered their daughter hanged in her bedroom.

The dad told the inquest that after phoning an ambulance: "I went straight to where the screaming was coming from to see Anne holding Katie and screaming 'help me, help me, help me'."

"Then this really nice man pulled me out of the way and said "You've done enough, let someone who knows what they're doing try". I just broke down."

Katie was airlifted to Birmingham Children's Hospital but could not be saved.

The inquest heard Worcestershire County Council's social services division had placed Katie under a Child Protection Plan in 2010 following concerns around neglect.

This was downgraded to a Child in Need Plan in May 2012 after the family made good progress and was even removed entirely in September that year.

But the plan was reactivated in March this year after social workers found a diary Katie has been asked to complete which contained an entry saying: "If I don't do my chores I will get a whack."

Her parents denied it was true and Katie later told a social services worker it had never happened.

The inquest heard Worcestershire County Council's social services division closed their case on Katie on April 23 - just one day before she died.

Geraint William, the Senior Coroner for Worcestershire, concluded there was no evidence Katie had been bullied either at school or online.

He recorded an open verdict saying he didn't feel he had enough evidence to confidently record a verdict of suicide or accidental death.

He told Katie's parents: "There's absolutely nothing I can say that makes this look better.

"This will never, ever go away for you but it will get easier to live with and frankly that's all you can hope for."