14/08/2014 16:49 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Girl, 4, Bitten By Stray Snake In Her Living Room

Girl, 4, bitten by stray snake in her living room

A little girl of four was rushed to hospital after a snake made its way into her Bradford home and bit her.

Wajihah Sarmad was given antibiotics after the one-and-a-half foot long American corn snake sunk its jaws into her foot when she accidentally trod on it.

The snake was camouflaged on the family's sitting room rug, and had been spotted by Wajihah just moments before it bit her.

The little girl ran into the kitchen where her dad, Sarmad Ilyas, 34, and other family members were chatting and told them she had seen something 'crawling' on the floor.

"I went in but I didn't see it because it blended into the rug – but I realised it was a coiled-up snake," her dad said, adding that it was 'placid' when he approached it, and probably only bit Wajihah because she trod on it.

At the time of the attack Wajihah's nine-month-old baby sister Sameehah had been just feet away on the sofa.

"Wajihah got a bandage and some antibiotics. She is fine now, although she was limping for a bit," Mr Ilyas told the Yorkshire Evening Post.

An RSPCA spokesman said they were currently seeing a lot of young corn snakes about. The snakes are native to central and south-east North America, but have become popular as pets in the UK.