14/08/2014 16:49 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Girl, 4, Left With Eye Wound After Cyclist Ploughed Into Her On Pavement

Girl, 4, left with eye wound after cyclist ploughed into her at bus stop

A four-year-old girl was left covered in blood after a cyclist rode into her whilst using the pavement illegally.

Denecka Fyle was left with a large gash just above her right eye after a cyclist ploughed into her as she waited for a bus with her mum Annette, 38, in Bristol.

The cyclist was using the pavement illegally when he rode into Denecka with such force that he came off his bike. Denecka was left with blood pouring from her face, and was taken to hospital to have stitches.

Describing the incident, Annette, a cleaner from Horfield, told her local paper: "We were waiting for the bus going towards Brislington on Friday morning at about 7.55am. There is a wall Denecka and her friends play on and she was just going towards it when the bike hit her.

"He was going so fast he could not stop. He came off the bike hurting his shoulder. I had a panic attack when I saw it but then had to stay calm for her as she was screaming. I rushed and picked her up and there was blood all over her face. There was so much I could not tell where it was coming from.

"I had to hold down the cut to stop the bleeding. He (the cyclist) said she had a small cut and I told him it was not and that he needed to call an ambulance. She could have lost her eye and was clearly in shock. When the ambulance service came I told them he had been riding on the pavement and they phoned the police."

Cyclists who use the pavement illegally can be issued with a £30 fine. If they collide with a pedestrian and cause injury, they can be prosecuted.

Police are currently investigating the incident.

PC Nick King from Redcliffe Police told the Bristol Post: "This four-year-old girl suffered a nasty cut to her eye (caused) by a cyclist who was illegally using the pavement.

"The cyclist was on his way to work and like many other cyclists was riding on the pavement. Unfortunately this area has no provisions for cyclists apart from dismounting and crossing the one-way system.

"The cyclist was shaken and very remorseful for what happened and the investigation is still ongoing. Lots of cyclists have already been issued £30 on-the-spot fines for cycling on the pavement in this area."