Girl, 9, Has Stomach Pumped In Hospital After Neknominate Dare

Bottles of alcohol
Bottles of alcohol

A nine-year-old girl had to have her stomach pumped after drinking vodka and whisky in a NekNomination dare.

Rhiannon Scully was found drunk on her electric scooter and had to be rushed to hospital after she was egged on by friends on Facebook to take part in the dangerous drinking craze.

She is the youngest-known victim of Neknominate that involves people posting online footage of themselves downing alcohol in unusual situations.

Rhiannon's horrified mum Michelle called an ambulance after finding her daughter's 'eyes rolling into the back of her head' after she rode her scooter home from school.

She had her stomach pumped to remove the half-pint 'cocktail' and was kept on a drip overnight.

Police quizzed Rhiannon's family and her friends' relatives but are not taking any action.

Michelle, 32, from Leadgate, County Durham, said the drinking dare was filmed on a mobile phone but quickly deleted.

The alcohol was taken from a cupboard at a friend's house without the knowledge of any parent.

She said: "When I saw her I was raging, I was upset and angry. I was also scared because we didn't know what would happen at this point.

"I saw her in her uniform with two other friends. I ran to her, she was falling over and she didn't know where she was."

She added: "She was being sick in the bathroom before the paramedics got there.

"We found out in the ambulance that it was a NekNomination. Rhiannon said 'them stupid NekNominations'.

"I wouldn't like to see this happen to any other child and I wouldn't wish the feeling I felt as a parent on my worst enemy.

"They need to teach children in schools the dangers of alcohol."

Rhiannon's dad Paul, 39, believed she had drunk vodka and whisky mixed with orange juice after she was encouraged by two nine-year-old friends.

He added: "Rhiannon was on a drip all night and had to have her stomach pumped."

The NekNominate drinking came is believed to have started in Perth, Australia in January before it spread worldwide through social media networks.

The craze has been linked to several deaths in the UK: Bradley Eames, 20, of Nottingham, Stephen Brookes, 29, from Cardiff and Isaac Richardson, 20, of London, all died after doing NekNomination stunts.