14/08/2014 16:50 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Girl, 9, Passes Through Turkish Customs With A Pink UNICORN Passport!

Girl, 9, cruises through customs with a pink UNICORN passport!

With the horror of child smuggling a constant threat, customs chiefs are meant to be super-vigilant at border controls.

But nine-year-old Emily Harris managed to enter Turkey for a family holiday with a passport that identified her as a pink unicorn!

Officials at Antalya airport even stamped the little girl's travel documents before waving her through customs, despite the official photograph showing the face of her favourite stuffed toy.

The document Emily handed over was a Bear Factory passport for a Unicorn toy called Lily Harris.

Her mum Nicky, 43, from Cwmbran, South Wales, said: "I didn't realise until I was putting the passports away. There was a moment of panic when I thought someone would come chasing after us, but nothing.

"The passport doesn't even look real - it's got gold teddy bears on the front and was a completely different size from mine and my husband, Allen's.

"The man even asked Emily how old she was, and she told him nine, before he stamped it."

Officials of all countries are meant to scan passports and cross-check passenger details before allowing entry to their country. But in this case, it obviously did not happen.

"The picture ID wasn't even of Emily, it was of a pink unicorn," Nicky said.

"And to make it worse, the unicorn wasn't even on holiday with us.

"We saw the funny side, and laughed at the fact that the officer had even stamped the passport.

"But at the same time, it's a worry to any parent, how easy it would be to smuggle a child through customs and into another country."