14/08/2014 16:53 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Girl Thrown Out Of Class For Wearing Too Tight Trousers

Girl thrown out of class for wearing too tight trousers

An outraged mum claims her daughter is being denied an education after her school sent her home for wearing too tight trousers.

Annalise Wilks, 14, was dismissed from Beaumont Leys School after staff rounded up around 25 pupils who were not wearing the correct uniform. The children were either told to return home or put into isolation.

The Leicester Mercury reports that Annalise's mum Denise, 44, was contacted by the school and told that her daughter was banned from classes for flouting the uniform regulations.

"I personally think Annalise's trousers were suitable – I don't think they were too tight at all," the livid mum said. "I think it's disgusting. She's being deprived of an education. I know at least two other parents who are furious about it.

"Can't they just educate the children until 3pm and then send them home with a letter?"

The school's head Liz Logie said it was important for school discipline to take a hard line on kids who were not properly attired. She told the paper that 'no children were sent home unless their parents were waiting for them'.

"We've changed our school uniform and we anticipated having hiccups, which is why we posted letters to students' homes with precise descriptions and had two or three assemblies with the pupils," Mrs Logie said.

"We made it really clear they would be put in isolation or sent home if they did not wear the uniform. About 20 to 25 out of 1,050 pupils were in the wrong clothes or shoes and, if their parents could be contacted, they were sent home and, if not, they were put in isolation."

She said she knew there were parents who were 'hacked off 'over the uniform, but didn't imagine they would be 'so hacked off when their children get good results'.

The school previously only had a set uniform for pupils in years 7, 8 and 9, with older pupils being allowed to wear black and white clothes to a certain standard. Now, all children at the school wear the same uniform of white shirt, school tie, black trousers and a black blazer, with girls having the option of wearing a knee-length skirt.

Mrs Logie said the across-the-board uniform regulations avoided having to have 'ridiculous' conversations about what the rules were.

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