14/08/2014 16:54 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Girl Who Falls Asleep 30 Times A Day In Line For £120,000 Swine Flu Damages

Tired Girl Sleeping Whilst Doing Homework At Desk In Bedroom Using Her Book As A Pillow

A schoolgirl who developed narcolepsy after having the swine flu vaccine is hoping to receive a £120,000 compensation payout from the Government.

Chloe Glasson, 14, from Fife falls asleep without warning between 25 and 30 times a day, which her family believe makes her eligible for damages from the Vaccine Damage Payment Scheme.

Chloe had the Pandemrix jab in November 2009 and started suffering the symptoms of narcolepsy just four months later.

She said: "What hurts the most is when people see me in public and I'm starting to fall asleep and they look at me as if I'm drunk or have been taking drugs.

"I am no different to anyone else in that I have still got feelings and I can see the way they are looking at me.

"I have still got hopes and dreams. I want to be a drama teacher when I'm older but I've really just got to take every day as it comes."

Chloe says she also suffers mood swings and disturbing dreams as a result of her condition.

She said: "The emotions I feel are so extreme, I can go from being really happy and chatty to really annoyed to really upset in a few seconds and all it takes is one little thing to set it off.

"The dreams I have when I'm asleep are really vivid, I can feel the pain in the dream and sometimes it even feels like someone is touching me, it's really terrifying."

Campaigners believe Chloe is one of dozens of youngsters across the UK who developed the condition after having the vaccine.

The Government recently admitted for the first time that the injections can trigger narcolepsy in some cases.

It is believed ministers will announce on Friday that tests are to begin on sufferers to see if they qualify for compensation.

Chloe's case is so severe that her family, from Kirkcaldy, are convinced the government will be forced to pay compensation.

She has already to drop two subjects at school because she cannot keep up with the workload.

She said: "At school I'll be sitting at my desk and this wave of tiredness takes over. Then you're eyes start to roll and droop and that's when you know what's about to happen. You just go out.

"It's like a rollercoaster of emotions sometimes and at first it was really embarrassing.

"No one really got what was going on so they would kind of laugh about it. Even the teachers joined in at first. I've been reduced to tears so many times."

Chloe's mother, Rebecca, said: "Chloe had to get the vaccine because she is asthmatic but now she's left with this condition for the rest of her life.

"The scariest moment so far was when Chloe went missing for over two hours. She was meant to meet my mum in town but went into an automatic behaviour state and disappeared.

"We were all frantic with worry and I had to call the police."

The Government recently admitted that the Pandemrix jab could be to blame in certain cases of narcolepsy.

Families will get £120,000 through the Vaccine Damage Payments Scheme if they can prove 'severe' disability.

It is thought that for every 55,000 children who were given the injection, one has developed narcolepsy.