14/08/2014 16:51 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Girls To Be Given Comedy Lessons At School

Girls to be given comedy lessons at school

Girls at a London school are to be given lessons in comedy to help them take more risks and think on their feet.

Sixth formers at Putney High School are to have training from a comedy group in the hope it will help them improve their interview techniques and confidence ahead of university.

The school's head of sixth form told the Telegraph she hopes the lessons will make the girls as confident as their male peers when placed out of their comfort zones.

"We are trying make our girls improve their resiliency and become greater risk takers," Suzie Longstaff said. "They are brilliant at exams and are very ambitious, but we have noticed when it comes to situations outside of their comfort zones, they can falter and not be as confident as the boys."

The lessons are being offered as part of the school's 'holistic' approach to education, and are being timed to coincide with university interviews.

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