14/08/2014 12:34 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Going Long Distance: The Pros And Cons Of Time Apart

When my boyfriend told me he had to go on a two month-long training course for work, I said something along the lines of, "two months? That sounds dull". Then he mentioned it was in New York.

At first, I was jealous. Eight weeks in New York! I thought I was the one with the exciting job. Then, once I'd got over the fact I was going to be left behind to live my regular life in regular London, I started to think about what this short period of separation might do to our relationship.


After a year of living together, we'd be going long-distance.

Did this worry me? Not really. Two months isn't long and I've always been quite happy on my own. Plus – people kept telling me a short time apart could be "healthy".

Two weeks into his New York move and I'm starting to discover what a 3000 mile separation actually means...

1. Our flat is always clean. I only have to tidy up after myself. Amazing!

2. I sleep better – and for longer.

3. One meal lasts three days. Thanks to leftovers, I can spend more money on shoes and less in Pret. Win win.

4. Total control of the television. This has tied in nicely with the new series of Great British Bake Off and Downton Abbey.

5. I read more and I'm clued up on current affairs. With no one to chat to over dinner, newspapers get my attention instead.

1. There's a five hour time difference. When he's finishing work and ready to chat, I'm ready to go to bed and not feeling chatty. When I want to talk, he's asleep.

2. Aside from the odd phone call, all communication is done via What's App (like texting, but it's free). A summary of my day is usually narrowed down into five words – any longer and typing becomes tedious. I hate autocorrect!

3. Skype. I can confirm there is no way to look attractive when holding an iPhone up close to your face. I'd rather chat without being filmed, thanks.

4. I eat more. Cooking for one is difficult.

5. I am constantly checking my phone. Like, all the time.

Am I feeling lonely? Not yet, but by week seven it might be different. In fact - I've actually grown to love my one-girl flat. Having the place to myself has been the best part of the long-distance thing. On the plus side, by November, I can end my relationship with my phone.

Now, back to that trashy TV...