Grabby Mum-To-Be Shamelessly Demands Presents From Baby Shower Gift List In Toe-Curlingly Bad Poem

Two friends with pregnant woman looking at baby's clothing, smiling
Two friends with pregnant woman looking at baby's clothing, smiling

If you don't ask, you don't get, so the saying goes – and this cheeky mum-to-be certainly didn't hold back when she told her friends what she wanted for her baby shower.

But if the chutzpah of the requests wasn't enough, she also delivered them in verse. Ker-inge!

The shameless pregnant mum apparently sent letters to all of those who didn't attend the shower with the following rhyme, which appeared on online parenting website Mommyish.

We're sorry you missed the shower!

There was fun and games to be had

The food and drinks not too bad

The loot was a plenty

But we looked high and low and found none from you

Not even a shiny penny!

Babies need a lot

Of this fact we all know

So we've included some shops below!

If none are to your liking, and that we understand

Then grab a pen and get to writing

For checks are to our liking!

The [name blocked out] Family is registered at these stores and checks [sic] can be mailed to this address

It would seem not even guests who did cough up escaped her poetic demands either. She apparently sent an equally-annoying poem to 'friends' who dared to buy gifts not on the approved list.

Telling them to 'fix' their situation, our fair lady asks them to exchange their gift for something on the list – or send her a cheque instead:

We loved seeing you at the shower

Remember how the gifts they did tower?

We sorted them for hours

Upon sifting and sorting we noticed something amiss

For your gift didn't match the list

To fix your situation we listed our stores below

But a check could also help us flow!

What a cheek! Let's hope she gets a cupboard full of breast milk expressing machines!

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