14/08/2014 16:55 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Greek Maria's Birth Mum 'Expecting Cash Donations'

Greek Maria's real mum 'expecting cash donations'

The birth mum of Greek girl 'Maria' is said to be looking to 'cash in' on her current notoriety.

According to the Mirror, the Bulgarian gypsy mum-of-10 is 'expecting donations to come pouring in from people feeling sorry for her'.

Sasha Ruseva reportedly came out of hiding to say she wanted little Maria back – and to hotly deny that she had sold her when she was a baby.

She told the paper that she hoped her fame would lead to her massive family leaving their rat-infested gypsy camp and moving into a house.

"I hope that after people see our tragedy, they will give us money, they will help us get a home," she said. "We hope for foundations and charities and people with money."

Sasha claimed she was a 'good mother' and vowed to 'look after Maria like I look after my other children'.

She said she never lets her children go hungry, and that she wanted Maria back with her.

The now-40 year old is said to have given birth to the blonde baby girl when she was working on farms across Greece in 2009. She claims her poverty was so great she handed the baby to a 'kind-hearted' stranger who promised to look after her.

"I met a blonde lady one day and we started talking and she told me, why don't you leave this kid to me, I don't have kids and I have a comfortable place and the kid can live better with me than where you live now," she said. "She said I could come any time to visit the child."

Sasha says the woman then disappeared with the baby. Greek authorities however, believe that Sasha sold the baby to child traffickers before going back to Bulgaria, and say that they have twice arrested a woman with the same name as her for trying to sell children.

The gypsy couple whom little Maria was found in the care of are currently in jail awaiting trial on child abduction charges.