Grimsby Mum Gives Birth To 12lb 6oz Boy - With Only Gas And Air!

A mum has given birth to a whopping 12lb 6oz boy – with only gas and air to help her through her nine-hour labour!

Agnetta Robertson, 30, delivered Edward (nicknamed Teddy) naturally at Grimsby's Diana, Princess Of Wales Hospital.

The bouncing boy was two thirds heavier than the 7lb 8oz average weight of a newborn.

Agnetta, who went into labour nine days late told her local paper: "During the pregnancy I was always a week ahead of the size I should have been, but the doctors weren't worried, they just thought it was excess fluid.

"The pregnancy was completely normal and the labour only took nine hours, compared to 56 hours with my first baby.

"After he'd been delivered, the midwife weighed him and handed him back to me and then asked to weigh him again because she didn't believe how heavy he was!

"She even got a colleague to come in and double-check!"

Since going home to Cleethorpes, with Agnetta, dad Danny, 28, and big brother Isaac, three – who was 8lb 12oz when he was born – Edward has already gained two pounds in three weeks.

Danny said: "After he was born, the staff at the hospital were bringing in their friends to see him – they just couldn't believe how big he was.

"The longest-serving midwife, who has been working at Grimsby for 27 years, she said he's the biggest baby born naturally."

But the birth wasn't all plain sailing, as Edward suffered shoulder dystocia, meaning he was stuck in the birth canal and was pulling at his umbilical cord.

Agnetta added: "We love watching One Born Every Minute and it was one of those moments where you suddenly see loads of doctors coming into the room and you know something is wrong.

"They usually have to break the baby's collarbone when that happens and they can have problems breathing after birth, but luckily they managed to get him out.

"Because he was so big they did tests to make sure his blood sugar was okay, but thankfully everything was absolutely fine.

"He's completely healthy – just very big!"