Gwyneth Paltrow Gives Backing To Book Cure Your Child With Food

Gwyneth Paltrow has given her quirky backing to a new healthy eating book aimed at children which promises help for everything from eczema to ear infections.

The self-styled celebrity lifestyle guru and mum-of-two says on her Goop website that the advice of American nutritionist Kelly Dorfman 'resonates intensely'.

Gwyneth, 41, – who recently 'uncoupled' from husband, Coldplay frontman Chris Martin - writes about Ms Dorfman and her attempts to bridge the gap between prescription medicine and diet for medical conditions.

The nutritionist's new book 'Cure Your Child With Food' focuses on common childhood complaints that she says are rooted in food.

She says a possible way to cure ear infections is by cutting out dairy, while ditching gluten could solve stomach ache.

Meanwhile zinc deficiency might be causing children to 'fail to thrive'.

Gwyneth – mum to Apple, 10, and Moses, eight - says Ms Dorfman's advice and experience 'resonates intensely', and asked her for a rundown on nutrition advice.

Ms Dorfman listed symptoms that could point to food intolerance, which include stomach pain, ear infections, frequent illnesses or bowel complaints, red cheeks, eczema, joint pain, asthma, temper tantrums, fuzzy thinking, fatigue, headaches, failure to thrive and sleep disturbances.

She recommends following gut instincts about suspicious food, cutting it out for a month and keeping a food diary to spot blips.

She says: "The way to know if a food is bothering you is to look for signs of irritation.

"You or your child's body will tell you it does not like something with a rash, a pain, or mood swings."

But a word to the wise, Gwyneth has also talked about water having feelings and good and bad vibes. Just saying.