14/08/2014 16:46 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Hair Extensions: 10 Easy Styles

Ever wonder how the A-listers go from a bob one day to long luscious Hollywood waves the next? With hair extensions of course! With the new wave of halo and clip in hair extensions you can chop and change your hair style with not a pair of scissors in sight.

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If you're not sure about hair extensions but want to join the party, they're wefts of weaved real or synthetic hair that you fit to the root of your hair or add via a wire halo. With a few clips you can pump up the volume of your hair and start experimenting with an array of different styles.
We asked founder of Tatiana Hair Extensions and hair stylist to the stars Tatiana Karelina for her top tips about how how to fit hair extensions. Tatiana has created a high-quality range of human hair clip in extensions, sourcing the hair from Russia. She recommends wearing human hair as it not only, "looks amazingly natural but also allow you to use the same heated styling tools as you use on your hair."

Tatiana Karelina's guide to clip in extensions:

'To make sure that clip in extensions stay put, even in fine hair you have to follow the following steps. Have a comb, hair clips and a good strong hold hairspray ready.

1. Part your hair across at the top of the ears level and clip the top half up.

2. Then using a comb, back comb the hair right down at the roots and fix the teased part with the hairspray.

3. Next open up the hair weft and place it it along the backcombed area. The little tip here is to always start with fixing the middle clip first – once you've secured the middle clip hold it in place and continue attaching the piece further towards the ears, slightly stretching it to the left and to the right.

4. Once the clip ins are secure, brush the clipped section of the hair over and style with the straightening iron or curling tongs for the flawless look.'

See our gallery of 10 easy styles with hair extensions: