14/08/2014 16:57 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Hairdresser Mum Removes Son From School Over Volkswagen Shaved Logo


A mum (who happens to be a hairdresser) removed her 11-year-old son from school after he was banned from classes for having a VW logo shaved into the back of his head.

Zac Eccleston had the £15 haircut over the Christmas holidays but when he returned to Camborne Science and International Academy in Cornwall he was put into isolation.

Apparently he had chosen the design because he loves the Volkswagen brand (each to their own!)

After being forced to work on his own for not complying with school uniform rules, Zac's mum Charlotte kept him off school for a week until she met with staff at the school to resolve the situation.


Charlotte, 28, from Camborne, Cornwall, told her local paper: "It's ridiculous. It's clear there's a school uniform policy but a haircut isn't a uniform.

"By 8.45am last Monday they had rang and told me he was going to be put in isolation. I said 'no you're not' and went and picked him up.

"The minute we got home he burst into tears. He was chuffed with his hair over Christmas and then all this happened when he went back and it knocked him down. He was gutted.

"He was hurt to think he'd been put into isolation and for something so trivial. It is not right that he had to sit in a room by himself because of a haircut. I kept him off because I'm not having my son treated as a prisoner."

Mark Fenlon, vice-principle at Camborne Science and International Academy in west Cornwall, said the school uniform policy was clear to both pupils and parents.

He said: "Parents and students are aware of the high standards and there are no exceptions. The decision to remove Zac from school was not ours."

He added: "Hairstyles are absolutely part of school uniform and we don't accept extreme haircuts.

"Camborne Science and International Academy is the top performing state school in Cornwall and we believe our school uniform policy is one of the factors that makes us such a good school and one of choice for our parents."

Zac returned to school on Monday after having last week off and was allowed to resume learning in the classroom with other pupils after his mum met with teachers.

Mr Fenlon said: "I've met with his mum and she has complied with the rules and the hairstyle has grown out."

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