14/08/2014 16:46 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Hairstyles For Hot Weather

The perfect hot weather hairstyle can sometimes feel like an enigma. Your usual poker straight or loose waves 'do just doesn't fly when the temperature is on the rise.


You attempt to wear your tresses down with your fringe all in your face, only to spend the day running your hands through your hair until you resemble a grease ball rather than a human woman and are forced to bundle it all up on the top of your head.

But just because it's getting hot in here doesn't mean you have to abandon your gorgeous mane for the season. There's plenty of pretty and practical ways to wear your hair without suffering from sweaty neck and sticky forehead.

Got super long locks? Take inspiration from Eva Mendes' high princess ponytail she sported at The Other Guys New York premiere in 2010 and opt for a statement hair accessory to dress up an otherwise simple 'do. It may be an oldie but it's still a goodie.

Want all the breezy benefits of a bob, but don't actually want to cut your hair? Then Emma Watson's flase bob is the answer to your prayers. Tucking up your ends and securing them with kirby grips will give the illusion of a shorter style.

Take a flick through the gallery below for our pick of the best hot weather hairdos...
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