14/08/2014 12:49 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Happy 6th Birthday, Grace! A Message To My Girl

Dearest Grace,

Today is your 6th Birthday. 6? Really? REALLY?! You and I have been through so much together and I have strived to protect you, make sure you are a decent person and learn good morals. I believe that you have learnt all these things and more.

You were born on a Tuesday – like me, your first middle name is Frances – like me and the last 4 generations on my Mum's side, and you were born 10 days early.

After we were forced out of the family home just 3 short months after you were born, we went to live with Granny. She is one of the best role models you could wish for, plus she was my other pair of hands. So, when it came time to move into a place of our own – just after you had turned two – it was kind of scary knowing we were going it alone. But I needn't have been scared at all! It was you and me against the world!

You looked after me as much as I looked after you. I can remember the times when I would sit and cry. At the age of 3 you would say to me 'it's ok Mummy, you don't need to cry. I'll look after you. Would you like a cup of tea?' despite the fact there is no way you would reach the kettle!

You have such a big personality in one so small. You say the funniest things, you are so kind -you keep taking money out of your money box and giving some to me or Ross (teaching you the meaning of money is next on our list), you are extremely polite – something I instilled from the outset and you are empathetic.

We had an incident with you lying to us a few weeks ago but, as I have always done – and thankfully, as does Ross – we explained what you had done and why it was wrong, made sure you understood and then you apologised to the people concerned.

Not only are you following in my performance footsteps by learning to ice skate and, now, starting to make up your own plays, I'm afraid you also have my emotions. There are two prominent times that come to mind. The first was back in the Easter holidays. You were watching 'Babe: Pig in the City' I heard you gasp, shout 'Oh no, oh no' and burst into tears. It was because the little dog who had wheels instead of legs had fallen over, couldn't get up and appeared to have died. All I could do was comfort you.

The next time was when you, Ross and I were watching 'Titanic'. I was in two minds about you watching it, but you were keen so we went with it (we sent you up to get ready for bed when Rose and Jack got in the car!). It wasn't until Jack died that your flood gates opened. You were sobbing your dear little heart out. That showed us your emotional depth.

Finally, instead of it just being you and me against the world, this last year we moved in with Ross to make it the three musketeers! Despite the fact that you still see your father (and I need to let you make your own decisions about him as you get older and understand better) you have asked Ross if you can call him 'Dad' twice now. He isn't ready, but you are. You and him are great together and I hope one day that you will get a positive response to that question. We have had some brilliant times together, the three of us. We call ourselves the WWW family as our surnames all begin the same way!

Many, many people have said what a credit to me you are and I wholeheartedly agree with them. I have a few songs which remind me of you. The first is 'Your Song' by Elton John. I sang along to it on the radio when you were a few days old and you fell asleep in my arms. The second is 'Grace' by Simon Webbe. This got me through the dark days when I was dealing with your father and thirdly 'Rule the World' by Take That. It was playing the day we moved into our own place and I remember us playing it the last day you were at the flat with me, just before we moved in with Ross, and we cried (in a good way!). When you were a baby, I was always singing 'Tuppence a Bag' from the film 'Mary Poppins' as a lullaby to get you to sleep. This tradition carried on for a few years.

My gorgeous girl, my Gracie-pop, my Tuesdays' Child, a credit to me and to Ross, I can't wait to see what the year of you being 6 brings.

So my darling, do you make me proud? Yes, you do, everyday.

All my love, Mummy xxx

Victoria is a forty-something Mum who has lived a varied and interesting life. She lives with Grace, her daughter and her partner Ross.

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