14/08/2014 16:47 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Harlem Shake Teacher Suspended For Filming Video At School

Teacher suspended for allegedly filming Harlem Shake video at school

A teacher has reportedly been suspended amid claims a 'Harlem Shake' video was filmed at a school and posted on the web.

Officials are now investigating whether Caldicot Comprehensive in Monmouthshire was the location for the film, and whether the teacher had behaved in an 'unacceptable way'.

The Harlem Shake has become an internet sensation with up to 4,000 videoed versions of the DJ Baauer dance track being uploaded a day. The videos last about 30 seconds and initially show one person - usually in a costume or mask - dancing in front of an uninterested group of people, before cutting away and returning to the whole group dancing, often with outlandish fancy dress and props.

The Caldicot Comprehensive clip is believed to have been filmed by the staff member while pupils were on holiday a few weeks ago. It has now been removed from YouTube.

The BBC reports that a statement issued by Monmouthshire Council (MCC) said it was 'investigating reports that a member of staff may have behaved in an unacceptable way'. They said they were unable to discuss the details of the case, but confirmed a teacher had been suspended 'while a full investigation takes place'.

It said that 'depending on the outcome, the MCC disciplinary policy for employers would be applied'.