14/08/2014 12:46 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Harper Beckham Lookalike Toddler Signed Up By Celebrity Doubles Agency

Harper Beckham lookalike toddler signed up by London celeb doubles agency Spot the difference. Harper (left) and Freya (right). Pics:

You must really know you've made it as a celeb when lookalikes start cropping up making a mint from posing as you. It's probably quite an unusual scenario when you are not yet two though...

What Harper Beckham's thoughts are on the little lady pictured above is anyone's guess (although perhaps screams of 'is that dress from MOTHERCARE, Mummy, I would NEVER wear THAT!' are ringing out from her playroom as we speak).

But whether Posh and Harper approve or not, Freya Clutten has been signed up by an unnamed London agency as a Harper Beckham lookalike. At 18 months old.

Her mum Lisa, 46, says Freya pointed out her resemblance to the world's most famous toddler when looking at pics of Harper in magazines and saying: "Harper, me".

Lisa, a beautician, who has previously put Freya in for baby beauty pageants, thinks the girls are almost identical.

"They have very similar coloured hair and it's a little bit curly at the back which is the same," she said. "She looks most like her when she has her hair in a pineapple on the top of her head with a little bow.

"I think the only real difference between the two of them is that Freya has blue eyes and Harper has brown eyes."

And along with other mums at nursery bigging up Freya's showbiz look, strangers have stopped the family in the street to say have seen Harper looking like Freya in OK! magazine!

"I unfortunately don't look like Victoria Beckham. I have four children and that is about the only similarity. We don't dress her in designer clothes but we always like her to look her best," Lisa added.

Freya has been snapped up for her first modelling job by online retailer

My 1st Years offered the real Harper Beckham a modelling contract last year, but unfortunately Victoria and David declined the offer for Harper (no, really?!).

When the company saw pics of Freya, they knew they had found their girl.

Daniel Price, Director of My 1st Years has said: "It's great to have Freya on board. We believe that celebrity babies are changing the baby fashion industry and we want to stay at the forefront of the industry. What better way then having a Harper Beckham lookalike to represent our brand?"

What do you think? Cute, but isn't it all a little bit odd?