14/08/2014 16:44 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Hate Drying Your Hair? This Clever New Spray Could Solve Your Problem

The average woman spends 10 days making sure her hair looks perfect and around 15 minutes blowdrying post-shower (it's almost as bad as the amount of time we spend taking selfies!)

However, a new product has been developed which promises to 'significantly reduce' the time spent blowdrying your hair.

The White Sands Porosity The Fix spray can by spritzed onto damp or towel-dried hair after a shower, or can be applied later as a "finishing coat".

Woman Blow Drying Hair

The product works by restoring the hair's ability to retain moisture, a lack of which is one of "the main causes of fragile and brittle locks...the [White Sands] mist reverses this unbalanced state, creating healthy hair through restorative properties and unique ingredients," explained a spokeswoman from White Sands.

Is it all too good to be true? Perhaps. A tester from the Daily Mail revealed while "The Fix serum left my tips frizz free," the blow-dry itself still took just over 10 minutes, not cutting a huge amount off her usual time.

However, she did note the product itself was conveniently-sized for her handbag, smelled "like a high-end salon" and left her hair smooth for hours after without feeling greasy.

The verdict on The Fix seems to be if you're looking for something to boost your hair's natural shine and moisture without leaving a heavy or gooey residue, this could be the product for you.

If you're looking to jump out of the shower and be ready to go in under 10 minutes, you could be sorely disappointed.

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By Rhiannon Davies

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