14/08/2014 16:51 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Head At Jeremy Forrest's School Refuses To Quit Despite More Sex Scandal Revelations

Head at Jeremy Forest school refuses to quit despite more sex scandal revelations

The head of the school where jailed teacher Jeremy Forrest seduced a 15-year-old schoolgirl is facing calls to quit after it emerged that a supply teacher and a former head of governors at the same school were also jailed for offences involving children.

Marilyn Hawes, a teacher, mum-of-four, and founder of campaign group Enough Abuse, said: "The school should get rid of their head."

However, headmaster Terry Boatwright is refusing to resign, saying: said: "It would be wrong to conclude that these very different cases collectively amount to a failing."

The calls for Mr Boatwright to stand down from Bishop Bell school in Eastbourne, East Sussex, came after a string of revelations about other sex scandals, on top of several warnings to Forrest, 31, about his relationship with the girl, then 15, over seven months.

In the past, supply teacher Robert Healy, 31, was jailed in 2009 for sleeping with two girls aged 15 and 16.

And ex-chair of governors Canon Gordon Rideout, 74, got 10 years in May for abusing 18 kids before he joined Bishop Bell.

In an interview with the Eastbourne Gazette, Ms Hawes said, "I do not understand how one of the school's governors can say they have robust child protection policies – they have anything but. What did they learn from 2009? Clearly nothing.

"The head of the school should resign or be sacked. If you don't want the accountability, don't go in to the job.

"They need to grow a spine and say 'I'm sorry I got it wrong'."

Ms Hawes said management at the school should have created distance between the pair, given Forrest a written warning when he failed to keep his distance and then suspended him pending investigations.

She said formal meetings should have been called with the parents, the girl and Forrest individually with the head, chair of governor and teacher responsible for safeguarding all present.

The jury in Forrest's case heard from four teachers during the trial who all told the court they had repeatedly warned Forrest to keep his distance from the girl.

Alicja Bobela, the teacher responsible for safeguarding at Bishop Bell, gave evidence and said she had tried unsuccessfully to contact the girl's mother on a number of occasions.

She said, "There has been massive sloppiness with internal communication at Bishop Bell."

She added: "Too many people no do not take accountability. They always think there is an excuse."

Ms Hawes said the school had failed in its duty of care to both the girl and Forrest.