14/08/2014 12:53 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Heartbreak For Mum Of Britain's Biggest Family As She Loses Her 17th Baby

Mum of Britain's biggest family is expecting her 17th baby!

The mum of Britain's biggest family has revealed the heartbreaking news that she has lost her 17th baby.

Mum Sue Radford had told her Facebook followers that she was expecting again - just 11 months after giving birth to her son Casper.

But when the news made nationwide headlines, the devastated mum revealed that she had lost the baby two days ago.

She wrote: "It's with such sadness that we have to say our beautiful baby's heartbeat stopped 2 days ago we are utterly devastated beyond words X"

More than 1,000 well-wishers posted their sympathies, saying how sorry they were for Sue's loss.

Sue and her husband Noel, from Morecambe, in Lancashire, announced last week that they were 'absolutely thrilled' to be expecting another child to their family.

Sue wrote after her 12-week scan: "We are so excited to announce Radford baby 17 will be joining this family in April.

"As you can imagine, the children are so excited. Little Tilly said to me: 'Mummy you have a baby in your tummy'. It was so sweet."

But she added, ominously: "I feel so sick. Whoever named it morning sickness was lying. Try morning, noon and night sickness."

The couple, who own a bakery, live in a former children's home and use a minibus to get around.

Their eldest, Chris, is 24, and is followed by Sophie, 19, Chloe, 18, Jack, 16, Daniel, 14, Luke, 12, Millie, 12, Katie, 10, James, nine, Ellie, eight, Aimee, seven, Josh, five, Max, four, Tillie, three, Oscar, two and Casper, 11 months.

Sue first fell pregnant when she was 14 and she and her then boyfriend decided to keep the child as they had both been given up for adoption.

The couple married four years later and second child Sophie soon arrived.

Their youngest child, Casper, was born last October weighing 81b 8oz and the labour lasted just 16 minutes.

Not long after his birth, Sue - who has on average had a baby every 17 months over the past 23 years – said that she wanted more children.

The pair also became grandparents at the end of last year when Sophie gave birth to her daughter Daisy.

A family friend said: "They are a lovely family and the children are so well behaved. They are obviously great parents."

The family rose to fame in 2011 when they were featured on Channel 4's 15 Kids and Counting.