14/08/2014 12:42 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Hen Party Cliches: Five Things That Are ONLY Acceptable On A Hen Do

Whether you're the bride-to-be, chief hen going into melt down or just playing guest, hen dos are one of the most organised events you'll ever go to.

You know the score - it starts with the endless email chain that covers everything from bank details, mini-bus hire and t-shirt size through to nightclub preference and dress code. And while getting the perfect itinerary down to a tee is no easy feat, once all the exact dates and destinations are booked up, those classic hen do cliches start cropping up .

These are the type of cliches that are only ever acceptable when hen do-ing. They're the OTT, off the wall antics where you truly let your hair down and ALL inhibitions go out the window.

Here's five hen do cliches that are cliches for a valid reason:

1. Willy straws and anything of the male genital merchandise variety... Think willy hoopla, willy shot glasses, willy head boppers - all courtesy of Ann Summers. When else would you actually drink through a willy straw? Exactly. THIS is the only time and place.

There's also the matter of inflatables and let's just say Poppy Delevingne knows how. This is how the bachelorette rolls:

2. Fancy dress/multiple outfit changes... The whole 'do will have phases. Day activities may include spa-going (read: ladies ino robes), sporting events like pub golf, kitsch crafty things like cupcake making or life drawing.

Then there's the sophisticated wining and dining where dresses are non negotiable and finally the big night out where (if you're not all dressed up as the bride's favourite Disney character or donning something associated with her fiances' job/nationality/pet) you're in an shiny new ensemble.

3. Drinking games and TOTAL humiliation... The list is endless but the best hen do games are: Mr & Mrs (the one where you quiz the bride on everything about her groom), pass the balloon (self explanatory, no hands!) and I Have Never.

4. Karaoke... Whether this is your idea of hell on earth or not, after a fishbowl cocktail of every spirit going you will be belting out Whitney. And Mariah. And Diana Ross.

5. L plates and party sashes... They're garish and thanks to all that plastic and pink fur trimming, completely hideous - but that's the point. Looking immaculate is just not going to happen at a hen party.


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